Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Back in the "real world"

After taking two weeks off to spend time with some wonderful friends and family, I am now back in the big NB- back to office work that is. Without 8 hours of coaching a day I kind of don't know what to do with myself when the day is done. SO...

I planted my first vegetable garden! Well, right now it's just 8 different kinds of seeds in a couple of old egg cartons sitting in front of a window that hopefully brings in enough light to see the cute little cotyledons, which HAPPEN to be leaf-like structures that are actually a part of the seed and serve as food sources until TRUE leaves are formed. Oh yeah. I know my stuff.

I would show you pictures, but you already know that sad story. HOWEVER, my new iPhone 4 should be delivered TOMORROW! Woohoo! No more having to shove my cell phone right up there next to my ear drum in order to hear people tell me big news like they want 4 kids in the future or something. What.

I also went for my first bike ride to Gruene today. It truly was such a wonderful experience up there, considering how it was mostly downhill....What was that? Oh, you want to know if I thought about that meaning that the way back would be all up hill? Well, NO. It was AWFUL! What's the phrase? - law of diminishing returns? ...more like the law of sucky-uphill-returns. But, I did get a good little read in of The Alchemist at a coffee shop in Gruene so it wasn't all bad of a trip.

p.s. wanna watch a really depressing movie and hate life? Watch Revolutionary Road. I'm totally Netflixing something like Kung Fu Panda next, so I can believe SOMEONE in Hollywood enjoys smiling.

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