Monday, September 28, 2009

Livin' it up

THE college dream.

Geaux Bobcats

Casie's Community

Yes friends, that is a 7 foot tall Dora the Explorer pinata strapped to the top of that car.

They are probably on their way to the roasted corn on a stick truck.

Much love, Austin.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Baby Steps

Many people have dreams or goals, but I think the reason they don't get accomplished so often is that sometimes the dream is so big, or seems so "out of this world," that the dreamer loses heart. He/she thinks themselves inadequate. I say, it just takes baby steps. Take the time, and simple CALL the right person.NETWORK. GOOGLE the important information. COLLECT tools, one by one. JOURNAL about it, so you don't forget. PRACTICE. FAIL. LEARN. You're not going to get anywhere just dreaming and planning and talking.

I am amongst about a thousand little goals, but you know what? I have taken baby steps in all of their directions. They may not all play out, but at least I can't blame myself for not taking the steps.

My baby steps for today:

Minor Obsessions

So in the past oh, hour or so, I've become freakishly obsessed with vintage dress forms. "How?"you ask? Well, I was googling and googling and googling for one that wasn't a cheap $50 one, and all the beautiful ones were well over $100. I found a couple of similar-to-my-taste-but-not-quite-there forms, but nothing sufficed. I started thinking about my sculpture class and how I will be working with metals in a couple of weeks...I might ask him if I'm allowed to make something functional...that would be AWESOME.

But for tonight, I just drew one...and it's pretty enough.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Blah to Bliss

Finally, life in my living room.
(note:definitely fresh sunflowers)

Whoop Whoop

My first A&M game was definitely an experience. I've never seen traditions quite like that before...however, it still doesn't hold a candle to any LSU game ever.

The weekend was overall successful however. Katie and Ross were once again the most hospitable couple I know...and I love them dearly. Katie and I had another freakishly productive weekend of arts and crafts.

I had a chance to see a few of my good camp friends and just reconnect with people very special to me.

My Sunday started with a 6:30 drive from College Station, beautiful sunrises, and an amazing start to my new women's Overcoming Sin class...I'm so excited about this. I think I made instant friends with one of the girls within the first two minutes.

If you get a chance to listen to Matt Carter's podcast of today's sermon on community, don't pass it up!...Katie and Ross I was thinking of y'all during the sermon this morning, y'all should listen together. I think you'd love it.

I finished the Sunday with about 6 hours of studying American History at Dominican Joes...conveniently right next to today's version of The Days of Our Lives with an obnoxious couple, nay, an obnoxious brat and her sorry sad boyfriend, both who don't see any problem with arguing in a quiet, study-made-environment-coffee shop...though very entertaining...and great material for procrastinating facebook updates!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Design Me Now

So my life has been a little too hectic to blog about. Don't worry though, I'm still taking the pictures, just not blogging quite yet. So far, this week's theme has been "design." Whether it is me in my sculpture class or apartment, or my hair dresser today, or my friends all over the state, everyone just seems so stinkin' artsy lately! Here's a couple of snapshots of the famous strawberry spoon, or "Stroon" as Chip calls it...

And the following is the work of Sara Thompson at "Vain" in Austin.

More to come about the arts and crafts in the house...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Get that Corn Outa My FACE...

Many days go by where I have nothing to seriously blog about...maybe something funny happened to me, but it wouldn't have made sense to any of my followers, but today my friends, I have something good. I was just sitting in my room, strumming my guitar (one of the 4 songs I know...I'm working on it ok?) and I hear none other than the ICECREAM MAN!...outside my window. I was so excited I just about cried. Seeing that it was about to take off again and remembering that I had no cash on me, I did the next best thing and immediately grabbed my camera and ran to the balcony to take a future blog picture of the icecream truck that comes through apartment complexes. I seriously have never heard of such a thing!

What I found was not an icecream truck.

I should have known.

I should have been more observant to my context clues!

I should have recognized that tune...

You know the tune...

"La Cucaracha" ...I should have known...

My friends, this was no icecream truck. It was a Roasted Corn on a Stick-truck. Really? In 90 degree weather? Really?

The La Cucaracha song...hahaha...made my day...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Post-Impressionistic Christianity?

Studying art history into the wee hours of the night can make you think long and hard about your life and your faith and how all of these works of art are rendered because of inner-longings or political opinions; sometimes contemporary satire...and then how on earth you could ever compile such a memorable piece just based on your own ideas. It's facinating.

The real thing I wanted to blog about tonight is how similar the definition I just read of the role of the post-impressionists was to the role of a disciple of Christ...or at least the role that I assume...almost best.

Here it goes:

"Post-Impressionists- Cezanne, Seurat, Gauguin, and van Gogh-launched, in earnest, the characteristic modernist process of continuous self-regeneration through practical or analytical self-criticism."

"...earnest...process of continuous self-regeneration through practical or analytical self-criticism."
"I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me." Galatians 2:20

chew on that.